Our clients and their experiences.                 
Preparation for labor At the end of my pregnancy I went to Whittaker Family Chiropractic to get an adjustment to help with the delivery.  I had heard great things about their work and decided to trust my sources.  I am so glad I did!  I went into labor the next day and my labor was only two hours long!  My recovery has been very smooth and quick.  Before I went to Whittaker Family Chiropractic I experienced a lot of lower back pain and was very stiff.  After I feel so much better and limber.  My lower back pain only comes on occasion and only in extreme circumstances.  I would definitely recommend going to see Tyler and Rebecca for great adjustments and simply wonderful family care!  Because you are not just a patient to them! — Christie F., Cedar City UT   Pain in Pregnancy At 36 weeks gestation in my third pregnancy, I was in extreme pain in my pelvic area and lower back. I struggled to care for myself, let alone my two  young children and husband, and could not do even simple tasks. At almost 38 weeks, I was referred to Dr. Becca by another friend who had received successful treatment for severe back problems and pregnancy discomfort. The receptionist scheduled me in the day after I called. Dr. Becca was thorough in her diagnosis and quickly adjusted everything she safely could in my condition. I left that appointment noticing a significant decrease in pain and increase in functionality. Dr. Becca saw me several times in the following week to help me  be as healed as possible and prepared to deliver my baby. We had follow up appointments following my daughter's birth that allowed my body to adjust more easily and settle comfortably and more permanently back where it was  supposed to. Relief lasted for six months until I injured my back, and I have  been treated equally well since this recent incident. — Valerie H., Cedar City, UT   Children's Health My four month old daughter was suffering from five days of severe constipation, widespread moderate eczema and chronic coughing and congestion. Dr. Becca adjusted her after she found several spots in her neck and back that were 'out'  and negatively affecting her health. Dr. Becca also suggested oral remedies to  cleanse the colon, clear the lungs, and a topical ointment to soothe the skin. That night, my daughter passed a hard stool and was, from then on, no longer  constipated. After two weeks of using the lung relief drops, and another adjustment by Dr. Becca, she was finally able to breathe freely and the coughing  was relieved. The ointment suggested to relieve the symptoms of eczema was the first to have visible results within a week, and was also the only treatment that I've tried on my two-year-old daughter, who has severe patches of eczema,  that did not make her cry!  I know that her treatments have been more quick and effective than any other medical advice that I've received and tried, and I am so grateful! — Valerie H., Cedar City, UT   Upper Back/Rib pain I have been in pain for years from about the middle of my back to the base of my skull. The muscles in that area have been so tense that sharp, stabbing pains  occur almost constantly. The headaches and pain in my back became so severe that I could hardly move. I am a single mother that is currently working and going  to school full-time. Not being able to move is not an option. The first chiropractor I went to see was very nice with reasonable rates, but I only found minimal relief there. Randomly flipping through the phone book, I found Dr. Tyler and Dr. Rebecca. The relief that I have experienced is completely immeasurable! I now know what it is like to be able to move WITHOUT HURTING!!! I can turn my head without excruciating pain shooting through it! These amazing doctors have checked everything there is to check (hands, feet, knees, RIBS)! They have been able to solve the puzzle! I have gone in with  stabbing pains thinking that it is merely a knot in a muscle that needs to be massaged out and they have made it miraculously disappear!! I am absolutely amazed at how much  better I am able to function with my everyday tasks. The quality of sleep that I get now  is incredible! I no longer have sleeping problems. Dr. Tyler and Dr. Rebecca have taken it upon themselves to educate me with methods and exercises that will help my body heal. They have given me the tools to relieve pain  and one day prevent it. They explain and teach about the consequences of common things such as stress and self-adjusting. Without ever saying it, they strive to help me  gain the knowledge needed to live my life pain-free. The compassion I feel every time I visit this office is a rarity and Dr. Tyler and Dr. Rebecca are so caring and friendly!  They befriend the people in their care. I've only  been going to Whittaker Family Chiropractic for a few short months and I feel that I  have a great friendship with each person in that office. A friendship that will last for  years to come and I will cherish it forever!! I am so grateful for all that they have done and will do for me!! — Stacy L. , Cedar City, UT   Accident Recovery 3 1/2 years ago I was involved in an accident with a semi truck.  I was hospitalized for 3 days and then told to return to the orthopedic surgeon in a month.  Upon my release I immediately went to see Dr. Becca and she began treatment on me.  She found that I had more injuries. I felt a major difference in the muscles and joints after treatments.   I know without her treatment I would not have had such a fast and maybe not a full  recovery. Dr. Tyler and Dr. Becca are the BEST!            — Gloria C. , Cedar City, UT   Fibromyalgia Drs. Tyler and Becca Whittaker have helped me with my fibromyalgia for nearly 18 months now.  I received considerable relief from chronic joint and muscle pain within  the first 3 visits.  The results since then have been far more successful than I anticipated.  A 15 minute appointment every 3 weeks in the winter and every 4 weeks in the summer makes an extreme difference in how I feel.  I would say my  pain has been reduced by 60% to 80%, depending on the season (winter is more difficult for me).  Occasionally I have a flare-up and I go in weekly for 2 or 3 weeks.  I have also received significant relief from wrist and ulnar nerve (elbow) problems.  I was told I needed surgery by a orthopedist, but my symptoms are so reduced I no  longer consider surgery an option.  My headaches are greatly reduced as a result of  neck adjustments and cranial work.  Tyler and Becca are both competent and professional.  I recommend them to family and friends frequently. — Teresa K., Cedar City, UT   Disabilities Julia Joy started going to Whittaker Family Chiropractic for help with mobility from  a displaced hip condition. It is generally believed that she suffered an intrauterine  stroke. She has very limited speech and other health conditions. Rebecca Whittaker began her treatment with double sessions-body and cranial. Julia appeared to be more mobile and we were encouraged. After a few months we noticed that Julia was making noticeable advancements in her mental abilities.  Her vocabulary doubled and her fine motor skills increased.I feel that the chiropractic treatments have been a turning point to improved mental and physical health for our daughter. The personal relationship that the Whitakers have with each patient makes the  visit something Julia looks forward to. The ability to relax is a huge factor in  making the treatment effective. I would recommend anyone with special needs loved ones to use Whittaker Family Chiropractic and experience the warmth and professional care they are  so well known for. — Mary H. Beryl, Utah

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