International Chiropractic Pediatric Association: This is a fantastic organization that we are members of and received a great deal of our training in pediatric and perinatal care from. They have excellent research results and articles regarding common childhood problems and the help possible through chiropractic care as well as a lot of other great information. There is also a link helpful for finding ICPA doctors in other locations.
We carry our own line of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils blended by our local aromatherapy specialist and natural healer, Lily Zerkle. For more information about therapeutic oils and their uses, ask one of our doctors or team members.
We use a variety of nutritional products and supplements to facilitate recovery from more advanced health problems. On the following websites you can find more information about some of the companies and supplements we carry. We also accommodate requests that we special order a product we typically do not stock. From local master herbalist Vickie Sorensen:
    Other companies:
We work closely for your care with massage therapists that we trust. Among them is a very gifted massage and cranial-sacral therapist in our office. Her name is Shari Ward, and she speicializes in sports, deep tissue, perinatal, and swedish massage, offering 30, 50, or 90 minute sessions. For more information about her techniques or specials, or to schedule right through our office in order to coordinate your care, call us at 435-586-7575.
We also work closely with Craniosacral Therapist and Massage Therapist Suzie Young: for treatment in more advanced adult or intensive pediatric cases. You can learn more at

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